European Sustainability Project

WaterRower/NOHrD - European Sustainability Project

We want to intensify our focus on sustainable development, and we need your help.

We need information from the people that know and/or have invested in our products. Hence, this on-line questionnaire.

PLEASE participate in our on-line survey – it requires just 4-6 mins of your time.

Why you should participate?

We need your help in deciding where to accelerate the sustainability work already in progress and also in deciding which new sustainability projects are required?

In our hearts we believe that sustainable development and focus on the contextually applicable Sustainable Development Goals* or SDG’s will be good for business now, and even more so, in the future.

About the Project:

Our ambitious market-research on sustainability will be a collaboration with several NOHrD/WaterRower European sales offices. It stems from our genuine belief that Sustainability is not just a smart PR trend, but a crucial factor in a companies' ability to prosper in the long-term. We want to take a proactive and leading role in defining our Sustainability profile.

An analysis of the answers will provide information about our customers attitudes to us and our products, seen in the light of sustainability.

The project will help us define the following:

  • the framework for vision, mission, value propositions and brand positioning for both brands: WaterRower and NOHrD.
  • the SDG’s we need to focus on and in which order of priority.
  • the balance between the apparent conflicting areas of luxury design and responsibility for the environment.
  • the areas of transparency needed in our sourcing and production processes that the end-users (also in the future) will be interested in.
  • how to communicate the sustainability ethos and maximize its positive affect on our business.

In short, we want to find out how, and to what degree, we can make Sustainability a part of our DNA at all levels and in all departments.

Who is managing the Project?

Martin Brems, founder and strategic advisor at Brems & Co, based in Odense, Denmark is managing the data collection, analysis and reporting.















*SDG : The Sustainable Development Goals form the framework for improving the lives of populations around the world and mitigating the hazardous man-made effects of climate change’

(the UN on Sustainable Development)