Sprintbok Training Guide

Using the Monitor Screen
The monitor is outfitted with an android operating system and can be used like an android tablet.

1. Turning on the Monitor Screen
Please turn on/off the monitor, using the push button on the back side of the
2. Connecting to WiFi
In order to use the Sprintbok app, the monitor must be connected to a wireless
network. Please select: “Settings”


3. In “Settings”, select “WLAN”. Next, select your network and enter your password.
Your monitor is now connected to the wireless network, providing you with the full
content of the Sprintbok app.

4. Open the Sprintbok app. The app will say that a Sprintbok has been found. Should
the app not be able to find the Sprintbok, please check the USB connection.
5. Click on the displayed Sprintbok


6. You may now use the Sprintbok app as a guest. In this mode, your performance 
data will be displayed but you will not have access to pre-designed workout and 
scenery videos. For this range of service, please register with the “login” button.


7. If you do not have any login details yet, you will need to register on
www.my-nohrd.com. By registering on my-nohrd, you will have further access
to a whole range of workout videos with all NOHrD equipment.


8. In „Free Training“ -mode, you can configure the displayed fields as you wish. 
Simply click on one of the information fields and select the desired display. The 
km/h display cannot be altered.
9. Using Other Apps:
Loading other apps onto your monitor is easy. First, log in to Google Play Store with
your personal login details. If you don’t have a Google account, you can set one up
in Google Play Store. This will enable you to download all apps of your choice onto
your monitor screen.